Exterior Design conversions
Interior Design
General Arrangement
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Conversion & Refit

Based on the existing motor yacht, we optimise all the different structures as well as the design to suit an Owner’s dreams.

  • Exterior Design conversions
  • Interior Design conversions
  • New layout
  • Furniture & material sourcing
  • 3D Full Scan

Conversion & Refit

What We Do

We aim at making an Owner’s dreams come true. Competent in problems solving, we are used to deal with technical constraints. We can design, arrange, improve anything you wish. We provide beautiful 3D views so you can fully immerse yourself into what we are creating for you.

Exterior Design conversions

In accordance with your existing motor yacht, AYD develops and studies exterior lines to suggest a brand new exterior design. Based on our experience and expertise, we use a dedicated tools box and provide you with a portfolio of final renderings.

Interior Design conversions

Based on the client's requirements, AYD studies and develops the style, conceives drawings and sketches, and elaborates a new concept in line with standards -including ergonomics and technology- thanks to 3D modelling tools.

General layout

Based on client's specifications, AYD studies, develops and updates the general layout, elaborates drawings and sketches, and proposes a new general layout in line with standards -including ergonomics and technology- thanks to 2D CAD tools.

AYD Sourcing

AYD helps you find specific yacht furniture & materials for your superyacht. Thanks to our 10 years of experience, we have a large network of high-end suppliers and exclusive partners with whom we work hand-in-hand to offer a bespoke service and project.

3D Scanning

We can provide assistance in 3D hull scanning to collect accurate datas, which in turn allow us to review the structure and/or recreate a 3D model to renew or update the stability booklet of your motor yacht.